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GoCardless: more cash flow to support your development

GoCardless allows you to significantly improve your collections process.

Legalcity partner of QuickBooks, by Blendy

Many executives wonder why use a payment app instead of their banking services.

The answer is simple: it simplifies and improves their cash flow management while accelerating fundraising .

With sums credited more quickly to their accounts, managers necessarily modify their business strategy . Indeed, they can allocate their resources more quickly to strategic positions for the development of their activity (ie: marketing, sales, HR, etc.)

GoCardless   allows you to significantly improve your collections process.

1/ The GoCardless interface

At GoCardless everything happens in the same place: registration of SEPA mandates , allocation of mandate references, creation of subscriptions, one-off payments , reporting of successful and failed payments and mandate cancellations.

No more waiting for a monthly paper bank statement , or exchanging 3 emails with your banker to delete/modify/create a direct debit . Less human intervention also means fewer errors and delays in your samples .


2/ IT integration

As an SME you probably already use management software (home, accounting or ERP) such as QuickBooks .

GoCardless integrates easily with your home software and the main software on the market.

Thus, you can automatically set up a payment mandate as soon as new customers are activated, collect payments after creating a customer and carry out automated reconciliation (invoices/payments).

You therefore no longer have to search for hours for sales invoices  requested by your online accountant  at the end of the year, or to ask them for balances clients. No more need to manually enter the same information on 3 different systems.


3/ The White Label

GoCardless   is transparent: your customer only sees your brand and logo when they enter their payment information.

As a digital accountant, Blendy recommends and supports its clients on the GoCardless solution. This allows them to accelerate the collection of funds  through real-time management via the platform, simultaneous collection with the order, instant identification of unpaid debts and reduction of exchanges with banks or the accountant .

All that remains is for us to advise you on managing your cash flow !


Contact us to find out how we support our clients to strengthen the profitability and growth of their business!


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