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How to boost your business internationally?

Cogesten SFEC & Alliott Global Alliance: Seven years of international collaboration

Alliott, partner of Cogesten SFEC, parent company of Blendy

Are you looking to expand your operations internationally? Local expertise backed by a global perspective is crucial for successfully navigating the global business landscape.

For over seven years, Cogesten SFEC, the parent company of Blendy, has been an active member of Alliott Global Alliance, an international alliance of independent firms specializing in accounting, law, and consulting.

Here’s how this long-standing collaboration benefits your business.

A Partnership established for your success

The most resounding entrepreneurial successes have one thing in common: surrounding themselves with the best partners to turn their ambitions into success. In the frantic race to conquer global markets, having the right allies makes all the difference.

As a member of Alliott Global Alliance for nearly a decade, Cogesten SFEC has firmly established itself within a network of over 195 professional firms spread across 95 countries.

This prolonged membership is a testament to its commitment to excellence and its ability to provide accounting and strategic consulting services on a global scale, enabling direct access to local expertise in each country covered by the Alliance.

Continuing Benefits for Cogesten SFEC and Blendy Clients

Alliott, partner of Cogesten SFEC, parent company of Blendy

Local expertise, global reach

This collaboration enables Cogesten SFEC to provide invaluable local expertise, supported by a deep understanding of global dynamics.

Whether your expansion project involves Europe, Asia, the Americas, or other regions, the Cogesten SFEC and Blendy teams can efficiently accompany you through its connections with Alliott Global Alliance.

Integrated and diversified services

The long-standing collaboration with members of the Alliance allows us to offer a wide range of integrated services.

This includes international tax planning, compliance, cross-border transaction advice, and management of international employee mobility.

Responsiveness and adaptability

Thanks to its long-term association with Alliott Global Alliance, Cogesten SFEC and Blendy respond agilely and proactively to the complex and evolving needs of its international clients, ensuring optimal management of challenges across various jurisdictions.


Seven years of collaboration between Cogesten SFEC and Alliott Global Alliance signify more than just an expansion. They mark a deep commitment to continuous improvement in service quality and an enhanced ability to support clients' international ambitions.

With the support of Alliott, and the international expertise of Blendy, we are ideally equipped to help your business thrive in a complex and rapidly changing global environment.

To explore how this proven expertise can facilitate your international expansion or for advice on cross-border issues, contact Blendy.

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