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How to find your virtual accountant?

Blendy, digital accountant recommends Pennylane, QuickBoks & Dext

Many accounting firms have today taken the digital shift. These digital accountants or virtual CPA,  generally offer the same services as a traditional accounting firm while providing tools to more easily manage your accounting.

Finding a virtual CPA or digital accountant  should therefore be easy.

But it is not enough to simply digitize the entry of your invoices, tax declarations, or the preparation of your annual balance sheet to meet the expectations of today's business leaders.

So how do you make the right choice when you are an IT services, software publisher, marketplace or a digital company? What selection criteria should you prioritize for your accounting system when you aim to expand in France?

Digital tools and apps

The first thing an online accountant or virtual CPA should be able to recommend is an efficient accounting software . This must be capable of automating your recurring administrative tasks  such as editing quotes, invoices and credit notes.

The goal of your  online CAP should be to offer you the best service offer market based on your business and needs. He must then offer you support  in order to share his expertise and advice on the applications from the creation of your accounts, until  setting up your activity.

In the engagement letter that the accountant   will send you, check that the price of the   applications is specified (inclusive or at your expense).

At  BlendyQuickBooks accountant we have chosen to include it and give you the benefit of our preferential prices as an accounting firm . Also, being a historical partner in France of  QuickBooks  and Dext   in particular, our prices are very advantageous for our customers.

An online accountant must advise you on the applications for accounting that he uses to ensure your tax obligations or your balance sheet.

As a digital accountant , simplifying the lives of business leaders through digital solutions is our raison d'être.

This is why  Blendy  collaborates with one of the online accounting solutions among the most efficient on the market: QuickBooks. Today we have  more than 15 years of experience on QuickBooks .

Because, in addition to automating your accounting tasks,  QuickBooks also integrates many  smart features  :

  • ‍ Simplified transmission of your accounting documents  directly via the software, even from your smartphone.

  • ‍ Automation   of your entire invoicing process: from creation, sending and up to follow-up with your customers

  • ‍ Validation of your payments and receipts   by simply connecting 

  • Real-time monitoring  of your  turnover, your cash flow  and your customer outstandings thanks to clear and intuitive dashboards

  • Connection with  750 of your favorite apps  such as  Slack, Stripe, Qonto, Shopify ..  to go even further in the automation of your management processes

Blendy, digital accountant recommends Pennylane, QuickBlendy, digital accountant recommends Pennylane, QuickBoks & DextBoks & Dext

Flawless availability

Even when you automate your finance process, your digital accountant remains essential.

Like a member of your team, he is there for you  to support  on your challenges development  daily. You must be able to communicate with your digital accountant at any time.

At Blendy  we adapt to your requirements. We are available by  email, telephone and videoconference...

As soon as a new client is onboarded , we provide you with a team of dedicated experts to facilitate and maximize the automation of your management processes.

And our Consultants offer you ongoing support to optimize your tax returns , find financing, and much more... (see all  Services de  Blendy )

Unfailing responsiveness

To develop your business,  obtain financing  or a line of credit from your bank, you must be able to have access to your annual report on time,  without having to wait several weeks, or even several months.

Accounting is based on 2 elements:

  1. Bank statements

  2. The bills

So to save you time and to ensure the accounting excellence you deserve, we use digital technology.

We connect directly to your bank and retrieve (where possible) your bank statements.

To make life easier for our customers, we also recommend   Dext , the best invoice OCR on the market. We also work with  QuickBooks  and Pennylane and other accounting players.

At  Blendydigital accountant , establishing your balance sheet is made easier thanks toQuickBooks and can be done very quickly, under certain conditions of course... (transfer your invoices for example).

With  QuickBooks  you can even generate  situations management intermediaries  ( short-closing ) all months if necessary.  Enough to gain visibility and reassure your banker.

So, by choosing  Blendy, QuickBooks certified digital accountant , you are sure of:

  • save time  every day by automating your accounting and financial processes

  • gain efficiency  thanks to fluid communication with our teams boost your business management   with real-time visibility on all your indicators and data

  • optimize your financial flows  with efficient processes and end-to-end support

With  Blendy,  you will spend less time on your accounting and more time on what really matters: the growth of your business!

Our  Success Coaches  will also spend less time filling in boxes and more time finding solutions to free you from your time-consuming tasks, to sustain your cash flow , improve your  profits , plan your  financial strategy and support you in achieving your strategic objectives .

‍ ‍

Contact us to find out how we can help you exploit the full potential

of QuickBooks and Dext for your business!

With  Blendy , French CPA take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Pennylane ,  Dext ,  QuickBooks and Stripe  experts, we support digital and IT service companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, SMBs, in France and internationally.


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