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Libeo and Fygr: a winning duo for cash management and supplier payment

Discover how the alliance between Libeo and Fygr is revolutionizing cash flow management and supplier payments for SMEs and VSEs. Simplify your financial flows today!

Get your business off the ground with Sellsy, Pennylane and Blendy digital accountant

Cash management  is a crucial task for business leaders, particularly for VSEs and SMEs.

It requires constant attention to ensure that incoming and outgoing money flows are balanced.

But how can you effectively reconcile cash flow management and supplier payments?

This is the problem that Libeo and Fygr responded to.

Who are Libeo and Fygr and what is their mission?

Created in 2019 in France, Libeo is a 100% digital supplier payment solution. Libeo 's mission is to simplify the recurring tasks of SMEs and VSEs by offering a simple and intuitive payment experience and avoiding entry errors.

Fygr is a cash management application that helps businesses forecast and optimize their cash flow.

It allows business leaders to anticipate gaps between disbursements and collections, thus providing increased visibility and understanding of their financial situation. 

Why connect Libeo and Fygr?

The connection between Libeo and Fygr makes it easy to synchronize cash flow management with supplier payment management.

Thanks to this connection, the data from your  invoices are retrieved directly into Fygr to feed the cash flow forecast.

This gives you access to a complete and up-to-date overview of your cash flow.

How to proceed ?

At Blendy , we highly recommend using Libeo and Fygr for cash flow and invoice management.

These applications offer a complete and effective solution for SMBs. 

Ideally, you also connect these applications to your accounting software.

To help you, our teams support you to configure, connect and automate your accounting and financial flows and thus optimize your entire finance process. Quite simply!

The association of Libeo and Fygr is therefore a relevant response to a major problem facing SMBs.

The connection between these two applications allows simplified and complete management of your cash flow and your supplier payments. 

Are you a business manager and would like to streamline your cash flow management and supplier payments?

Contact Blendy now to benefit from our expertise in implementing these innovative solutions!

Contact us to find out how we can help you exploit the full potential of Pennylane for your financial management!

With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

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