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Manage your expense reports easily: 4 apps recommended by Blendy

There are many solutions for managing your expense reports and expenses. Here is a selection of 4 applications that we particularly like at Blendy.

Expense report apps recommended by Blendy, digital accountant

Apps to manage your expense reports

Managing expense reports can quickly become a nightmare. It is not uncommon for invoices, tickets and receipts to accumulate in a box somewhere, which you must sort, enter, justify once a month, or even once a year...

However, today there are many applications and digital solutions to make this task, easier for you and which is part of “ pre-accounting ” processes.

To help you see things more clearly, today we present to you 4 tools that we particularly like at Blendy .

Each of these solutions has specific strengths and focuses on particular aspects of expense management and accounting. The choice between them will obviously depend on your company's needs and priorities for expense management, accounting automation and user experience.


Main Focus

Accounting automation from receipt and invoice data capture.

  • Receipt Management Automation : Dext focuses on automating data capture from receipts and invoices to make accounting easier.

  • Integration with accounting : The application easily connects with your accounting systems such as Pennylane  (or QuickBooks for businesses outside France) for automatic data entry, reducing manual errors and time spent.

  • Support for SME accounting : Dext primarily targets small and medium-sized businesses to simplify their accounting operations.


  • Automation of accounting data entry from receipts.

  • Integrations with accounting systems to reduce manual errors.

  • Mainly targets small and medium-sized businesses.


The app that specializes in accounting automation by capturing data from receipts, aiming to simplify accounting operations.


Main Focus

Complete expense and payment card management for businesses.

  • Complete expense management : Spendesk offers a complete expense management solution, covering both business expenses and payment cards.

  • Virtual and physical payment cards : The solution allows you to create virtual and physical payment cards  for your employees, making purchases and spending easier.

  • Integrations with accounting tools : Spendesk offers integrations with accounting software to simplify the accounting process. You can therefore also connect Spendesk directly to Pennylane  for example.

  • Budget and Policy Control : You can easily set budgets and spending policies for your employees, ensuring better control.


  • All-in-one solution for expense management and payment cards.

  • Accounting integrations for simplified accounting.

  • Control of budgets and spending policies.


The solution that focuses on comprehensive expense management with payment cards, and offers a comprehensive solution for budget control and management.

‍ Expensify

Main Focus

Advanced spend management automation with a focus on compliance.

  • Advanced Automation : Expensify offers advanced expense management automation, from receipt capture to report generation.

  • Artificial Intelligence and SmartScan : The AI integrated into Expensify's SmartScan tool automatically detects key information on receipts and invoices, making it a high-performance tool for pre-accounting.

  • Compliance Features : Expensify offers features to ensure spending complies with your company's policies and regulations.


  • End-to-end automation of expense management.

  • SmartScan with AI to automatically detect key information on receipts.

  • Compliance features to ensure spending adheres to policies.


A tool that offers advanced automation and focuses on compliance for business expenses.


Main Focus

Simplifying expense management for employees and financial managers.

  • Simplicity and automation : Pleo focuses on simplicity and automation of expense management, allowing your employees to easily submit their expenses.

  • Data centralization : The application centralizes spending data and gives you an overview to better track expenses.

  • Intuitive approach : Pleo aims to make the user experience intuitive and user-friendly for you, your employees and your financial managers.


  • Intuitive user interface for easy expense submission.

  • Centralization of spending data for an overview.

  • User-friendly approach with emphasis on simplicity.


A solution that prioritizes ease of use, with an intuitive interface and centralization of expenditure data.


In summary, Dext focuses on accounting automation, Spendesk stands out for its comprehensive expense coverage and payment cards, Expensify offers advanced automation and compliance features, while Pleo focuses on simplicity and user experience.

Choosing between these solutions will depend on your specific business needs, the size of your business and the most relevant features to facilitate expense and accounting management.

To make the right choice, ask us. As a digital accountant for more than 10 years, we know all the workings, advantages and constraints linked to the automation and digitization of accounting and financial processes.

Thus, depending on the tools that you have already put in place, we will be able to recommend the most suitable application to facilitate the automation of your finance and accounting process.

And we will also help you connect the tool of your choice to your accounting system and help you configure it. So, book a telephone appointment now to find out how we help companies increase the performance of their business.

Contact Blendy to benefit from personalized advice and find the expense management solution adapted to the needs of your company.

With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

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