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Obligation to report traffic violations by your employees

Since 2017, French companies must transmit the name of the employee who committed a traffic offense with the company vehicle.

Processing fines in business - Blendy certified digital accountant Pennylane & QuickBooks

Since January 1st, 2017, companies in France have been required to transmit the name of the employee who committed the traffic offense with the company vehicle , under penalty of a fine.

Until now, many   companies  paid the amount of the fine for the offense committed by their employees and asked them then reimbursement. The administrations therefore did not have the identity of the employee , in particular to deduct points from him.

In principle, the legal representative of the company, holder of the vehicle's registration document, is responsible for offenses such as speeding and parking tickets. To avoid the withdrawal of points, many companies  avoid reporting their employees. There were, in principle, no repercussions for the company so far.

Since 2017,   companies have  45 days to send by registered mail or declare online on the website of the National Agency for automated processing of offenses,  the identity, address and driving license number of the employee at fault . In the event of non-compliance, the company risks a 4th class fine of a maximum amount of   €450 .

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