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Sorting out the truth from the falsehood on the deduction of restaurant expenses!

Representation expenses - Blendy digital accountant

Whether during a trip or during a meeting within the framework of the company's activity, managers are often required to incur restaurant expenses. Here is a reminder on the deduction of these expenses from the result, as well as the VAT.

The reason

First of all (and obviously), these costs must relate to the activity of the company  : prospecting, lunch with partners, business trips, etc.

For business lunches , restaurant expenses are always deductible  from the result. To do this, simply enter:

  • Names of people invited

  • The name of the companies or organizations they represent

  • The reason for the meeting  

On the other hand, for personal meals , the deduction is possible  only if they are justified by too great a distance from the manager's home or if they are carried out during a mission.

In practice, only the fraction of the price between €4.70 and €18.30 (i.e. €13.60) is allowed as a deduction. These amounts are reevaluated by a few cents each year.


Concerning VAT , a tolerance on the formality of restaurant bills exists.

Indeed, VAT is deductible on these notes from the moment when:

  • They are less than 150€

  • The name, address and SIRET of the restaurant are provided

  • The name and address of the manager 's company as well as the names of the people invited (customers, etc.) are specified

Beyond 150€, the restaurateur will need to provide an invoice respecting the obligatory formality of invoices in order to be able to deduct VAT. The manager must still provide the names of customers, employees or other invited people.

Expense report management

Are you tired of wasting time managing your restaurant bills and those of your teams? No problem! Blendy helps you configure Dext , Expensya , Xpenditure  or any other application to simplify and automate the management of your expense reports .


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