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The 3 advantages of managing expense reports with Pennylane

Managing expense reports can often be complex and time-consuming for VSEs/SMEs. You must be able to track who among your team incurred what expense, be able to easily retrieve receipts and facilitate their reimbursement.

And your teams must be able to transmit their supporting documents easily without having to accumulate their invoices at the bottom of their drawers...

Fortunately, solutions like Pennylane make this process much easier, allowing businesses to focus on their core business while ensuring efficient and simplified management of their expenses .

Manage expense reports with Pennylane and Blendy

Intuitive entry of expense reports with Pennylane

Pennylane offers an intuitive user interface that simplifies the creation and management of expense reports . Users can easily enter their expenses, categorize them and associate them with corresponding projects or clients.

This ease of use is particularly advantageous for small businesses which do not necessarily have the resources to have extensive financial departments.

Automatic import and management of receipts

One of Pennylane 's most convenient features is the ability to import invoices and receipts directly through the mobile app .

Your employees can simply take a photo of their receipts, and the application takes care of the rest: text recognition, automatic categorization, and even association with the appropriate expenses.

This automation significantly reduces manual errors and saves valuable time for everyone, both your field teams and your finance teams.

Support by Blendy

Although Pennylane makes expense management almost effortless, some businesses may still need personalized support to optimize the use of their accounting software.

This is where Blendy comes in. As a digital international accountant and Pennylane expert, Blendy helps French and international businesses configure and get the most out of the software, ensuring seamless integration with their existing accounting processes and business applications.

Blendy also offers training sessions for teams, ensuring all users are comfortable with the tools and processes. Blendy's ongoing support and expert advice ensures you can manage your finances more independently and effectively.

Why choose Pennylane for your expense reports?

Choosing Pennylane for expense management offers several key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency : Reduce time spent managing expenses with automation.

  • Improved accuracy : Minimize errors with auto-entry and receipt recognition.

  • Visibility and control : Keep tabs on business expenses with detailed, real-time reporting.

In conclusion, Pennylane, supported by the expertise of Blendy, represents an ideal solution for VSEs/SMEs wishing to optimize the management of their expense reports. Obviously, there are other applications that can also help you manage your expense reports such as Expensya, Expensify, Spendesk or even your Qonto account...

The key is to be able to simplify your processes, gain precision so you can focus solely on growing your business with the right tools and support.

To find out how to effectively integrate Pennylane into your business, contact Blendy today.

With Blendy , a digital accountant, take advantage of all the advantages of digital accounting and tailor-made advice to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Certified by Pennylane , Dext , QuickBooks and Stripe , we support digital companies, e-Commerce, ESN, SaaS, in France and internationally .


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