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The 5 selection criteria for the digital accounting management of your company - Part 5

Finding a digital accounting firm is complex today. To help you, we offer you a series of 5 articles covering the 5 essential selection criteria.

Here is episode 5! At the end of the article find the links to all the other articles.

Blendy digital accountant helps you define your needs

After the 4 other criteria that we described to you in our previous articles, the only one that was missing and which is not digital is the human .

Criterion 5: Human

Human relationships beyond processes

Collaboration with a digital accountant is not limited to a simple transformation of processes, it profoundly redefines the very nature of the professional relationship. A collaboration that is beneficial for all parties must be based on a solid human relationship.

It therefore becomes imperative to look for an accountant whose temperament and values resonate with yours. Such a connection goes far beyond technical skills, as it creates mutual understanding and deep listening to the specific needs of your business.

Key to collaboration: trust and communication

The key to getting the most out of this collaboration lies in a feeling of trust and comfort shared with your accountant. It is essential to be able to share, in real time, crucial strategic information and to express your questions about activity and figures. This opening not only facilitates the work of the accountant upstream, but also helps to optimize your operations in the field.

Imagine the situation where a company takeover is looming. By informing your accountant in advance, you trigger a series of strategic actions. Your accountant, understanding the nuances of your vision, does everything possible to highlight the creation of your balance sheet and offers you adapted services, thus simplifying your preparation for repurchase.

Other similar scenarios may arise, and discussing these events in advance creates a strong partnership, saving time and avoiding costs associated with urgent requests.

Constant accessibility

By choosing an accounting firm that places primary importance on human relations, you ensure fluid communication and constant accessibility. This human-centered approach is a major asset for fruitful collaboration.

Digital transition: simplification of the process without sacrificing the essential

Of course, the transition to digital does not mean giving up the need to provide your accounting documents every month. However, the digital method greatly facilitates this process, thus avoiding end-of-year stress and optimizing document management.

In summary, choosing a digital accountant means much more than adopting a technological solution. It means embracing a new era of collaboration, where human relationships are at the heart of every interaction. This approach not only maximizes operational efficiency but creates a solid foundation for the continued growth of your business.

At Blendy, a digital accountant , this is exactly the objective that we are pursuing: to digitalize your accounting while being at your side to grow your business.

This is the 5th criterion that must be taken into account when you decide to digitize your accounting and work with a digital accountant  🚀🚀🚀🚀

Contact us to find out how we work with you on a daily basis to support the development of your business!

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