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We were at ComptaTech 2024, the flagship AccountTech event

On June 18, the Blendy team, your specialist digital accountant Pennylane , had the great pleasure of attending the 3rd edition of ComptaTech at 104 in Paris.

This unmissable event, organized by the fintech Pennylane , brought together the major players in AccountTech and accounting professionals around the latest innovations in the sector.

AI at the heart of the debate

ComptaTech 2024 has once again established itself as THE unmissable event for innovation in the accounting profession. Unsurprisingly, Artificial Intelligence was the common thread of this edition, with notable interventions, such as:

Arthur Waller, CEO of Pennylane alongside Vadim Sokolov, client Onbording Manager of Blendy

  • Luc Julia, co-creator of Siri , opened the debates with a presentation entitled “Artificial Intelligence does not exist”, aimed at demystifying AI.

  • Claire Lasserre, product manager at Pennylane , illustrated the concrete impact of AI on the daily lives of accounting firms.

  • Arthur Waller, CEO of Pennylane , presented ComptAssistant, a revolutionary chatbot integrating AI to make the work of accountants easier.

Renowned speakers for a 360° vision

ComptaTech welcomed several personalities:

  • Charlie Felgate, former Vision Leader at Decathlon, shared his expertise on regenerative leadership.

  • Cécile de Saint Michel, president of the CNOEC, and Virginie Roitman, president of the OEC Paris IDF, discussed the place of technology in the transformation of the profession.

  • Bénédicte Tilloy, former HR director of SNCF, shared her experience of transition between large group and start-up.

  • Maxime Rovère, philosopher, concluded with a humorous presentation on the management of interpersonal relationships in a professional environment.

Blendy expertise as close as possible to accounting innovation

As a digital accountant, pioneer of digital accounting in France and Pennylane expert , our presence at ComptaTech demonstrates our constant commitment to digital, innovation and excellence in accounting services.

This experience reinforced our belief that the AccountTech ecosystem is booming, with exciting innovations at every corner of the booth.

“ComptaTech 2024 remains an unmissable event for Blendy. This event perfectly reflects the rapid evolution of our profession and the growing importance of technology, particularly AI, in our profession. We are proud to be part of this revolution and to be able to offer our customers ever more innovative and efficient solutions." testifies Vadim, Client Onboarding Manager of Blendy

Blendy meets its partners

ComptaTech 2024 was also an opportunity for us to meet and discuss with several of our key partners, and take a few photos along the way. Among the many partners present, here is a selection for you:

  • Finthesis

Specialist in automated financial analysis, Finthesis brings a predictive dimension to accounting thanks to its advanced AI algorithms. It is above all an essential tool for those who already work on Pennylane and who want to have an in-depth view of their performance indicators.

  • Stockpit (by erlain)

An expert in stock management and inventory, Stockpit is revolutionizing the way businesses track and optimize their inventory on Pennylane. This app was specially developed by the erplain teams to integrate directly with Pennylane and thus facilitate the entire inventory management process.

  • Jurists

A legal management platform, Juriactes simplifies legal processes for accountants and their clients, ensuring seamless compliance. This French fintech is one of the nuggets supported by Innest, the incubator of the order of chartered accountants in the Ile-de-France region.

  • Gerem :

With its customer relationship management (CRM) solutions adapted to accounting firms, Gerem helps strengthen the links between accounting professionals and their clients.

  • GoCardless :

A pioneer in recurring payments, GoCardless makes it easier to manage direct debits, a valuable tool for our customers' cash management.

Each of these meetings was an opportunity to discuss the latest innovations and functionalities of each solution and to explore new avenues of collaboration to enrich our service offering.

An unexpected meeting with Franck Leboeuf

One of the most memorable moments of this day was our surprise meeting with Franck Leboeuf , former French international footballer and 1998 world champion. Franck agreed to pose for a souvenir photo with our team, adding a touch of prestige and good humor to this event already rich in emotions.

This unexpected meeting perfectly symbolizes the spirit of ComptaTech : a unique blend of professionalism, innovation and conviviality.

A springboard to the future of accounting

ComptaTech 2024 confirmed Blendy 's position as a major player in AccountTech in France. Our presence at this event reinforces our commitment to providing cutting-edge accounting services, leveraging the best technologies available.

To discover how Blendy can transform your approach to accounting and financial management with the latest industry innovations, contact us today.

With Blendy , a digital accountant, take advantage of all the advantages of digital accounting and tailor-made advice to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Certified by Pennylane , Dext , QuickBooks and Stripe , we support digital and IT companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, in France and internationally .


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