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Your tax deadlines for March 2024

Tax deadlines March 2023 - Blendy, digital accountant

With Blendy, your French digital Accountant, find a summary of tax deadlines every month. Enough to save you precious time in managing your time-consuming and non-value-added tasks.

Declarations, taxes, taxes… here are the important dates not to be missed in March for your French obligations.

MARCH 2024: Taxes and Duties

March 13

  • DEB / DES: filing of the DEB (declaration of exchange of goods) and the DES (declaration of exchange of services) for intra-community operations carried out in February.

March 15

  • Company subject to IS: advance payment of corporate tax (IS) and social contribution on IS of 3.3% (cerfa 2571) or balance of IS and the social contribution on IS of 3.3%, (cerfa n° 2572) if your financial year ends on November 30

  • Salary tax: salaries paid in February for monthly payers (cerfa 2501)

  • Tax on insurance agreements: premiums issued, agreements concluded and amounts due during the month of February (cerfa n° 2787 and payment to the Banque de France if > €1.5K)

  • Withholding tax – Withholding tax: simplified declaration of income from movable capital, flat-rate withholding and social security contributions due at source if payment of distributed income, interest on current accounts, blocked accounts of partners during the month of February (cerfa n° 2777-D)

March, 31st

  • VAT – basic exemption: option for payment of VAT from March 1 for companies benefiting from the basic exemption (article 293 F of the CGI).


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