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Boost your business thanks to 3 good digital practices (possible thanks to Quickbooks x Dext x Blendy)!

Dext and QuickBooks, the essential tools recommended by Blendy digital accountant

Purchase of premises, hiring, acquisition, investments... Your  strategic decisions  must be prepared and thought through because they can have significant consequences on the development of your company .

Your data and financial indicators are at the heart of your decision-making.

And as such, your accountant plays a central role in helping you see things more clearly.

So, what are the three good digital practices that we recommend at  Blendy  certified QuickBooks   and Dext?

Good practice 1:  Short-closing

Up-to-date figures to make informed decisions

With accounts updated and closed every month , you also base your decisions on financial data reliable.

You have better anticipation of cash flow  and budgetary needs, which will greatly facilitate the achievement of your objectives.

Thanks to  QuickBooks and Dext updating your accounts and accounting documents is automated, and thus gives you real-time access to numerous dashboards et financial indicators  essential.

You no longer have to worry about billing  or tracking your receipts, which are automatically managed by QuickBooks and Dext.

And to meaningfully analyze your  financial indicators , those that will really help achieve your strategic objectives, the team of Coach Success de Blendy, digital accountant , supports you on a daily basis. Enough to ensure that you meet your growth objectives precisely.

Good practice 2:  Responsiveness

Seamless communication with your accountant

Often, resolving an urgent situation depends on the prompt return of your accountant. At  Blendy, digital accountant , we generally come back under 48h to you.

But, your accountant must still have in his possession all the accounting documents   to respond to your request. Without these documents your requests risk being processed late, or in the worst case, not being processed at all...

Here too, QuickBooks et Dext offer you a  huge competitive advantage. The transmission and recovery of your data, invoices, supporting documents, etc. is done digitally and automatically. So you already save a lot of time. Time you can devote to analyzing your  indicators . But above all, you ensure that your accountant also has access to all the necessary and up-to-date accounting documents.

Your digital accountant is thus able to provide you with all the responsiveness your business needs.

Good practice 3:  Quality

Support that takes your needs into account

Have innovative tools such as  QuickBooks and Dext , doesn't do everything. It is also important to know the latest legislation, the expectations of the Administration and what impacts they may have on your particular situation.

Support from  Blendy, French digital accountant takes on its full meaning here. We bring you all our  financial expertise  and all our know-how  to identify and anticipate expectations of the Administration.

You are therefore certain of correctly fulfilling your French legal obligations ( URSSAF declaration, VAT, filing with the registry, etc. ) to calmly develop your activity.

So, to propel your business, you need digital tools capable of automating your finance process, and quality support by your chartered accountant. 

‍ ‍

And at Blendy, you will find it all!

Contact us to find out how we support you and with what tools to develop your business!

With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Pennylane ,  Dext ,  QuickBooks and Stripe  experts, we support digital and IT service companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, SMBs, in France and internationally.


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