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How to choose the right accounting software for your business?

How to choose the accounting software that really meets the operating needs of your business? Here are some ideas to help you make a choice.

Choosing accounting software by Blendy digital accountant

What to start with?

Today, when the majority of our activities are digital or digitized, choosing the right accounting software   is a crucial decision for any company seeking efficiency and profitability.

Your choice will impact your daily performance.

The objective is to save time and day-to-day efficiency, while gaining visibility on the financial situation and health of your business. Quite a program... that's fair to say.

So, here are some practical tips for you to guide you in this process of finding the best accounting tool.

And for those who like to be "spoiled" and just want to know the names of the software we recommend, it's at the very end...

1. Identify your specific needs

Every business has unique accounting needs. Start by assessing what is essential for you to run your business:

  • finance management

  • billing

  • expense tracking

  • financial reports

  • etc.

This list will help you determine the essential features of the software.

2. Think about “scalability”

Is your business growing?

Opt for software that can grow with you.

So, if at the start you mainly need a tool to manage your invoicing and your cash flow, you will quickly need more substantial functionalities and financial reports to manage your business.

Having a flexible accounting system allows you to add new features as your needs evolve.

3. Choose a user-friendly interface

User-friendly accounting software is essential for easy adoption by your team.

An intuitive interface with a quick-to-learn design will make it easier to use on a daily basis.

Thus, an intuitive interface guarantees you to reduce learning time and minimize errors.

‍ 4. Cloud or local system?

Obviously, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose based on your priorities.

A cloud-based system offers increased accessibility. You access your financial data anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

While a local solution can offer greater control over your data. But also requires now and perfectly secure hosting.

In the digital age, we always advise our customers to opt for a Cloud system.

Cloud accounting software nowadays integrates advanced protection protocols to perfectly guarantee the security of your data.

5. Integration with your digital ecosystem

You already use a CRM (such as Hubspot  or Sellsy ), an online sales platform (such as Shopify  or Prestashop ), payment solutions (such as Stripe  or Qonto ) or other applications specific to your activity?

Make sure the accounting software you choose can integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem.

If native connections are not present, check if you can connect Zapier or Make  to connect your apps. This will avoid tedious double entries.

6. Ensure regulatory compliance

Compliance with tax regulations is essential.

Verify that the software supports the tax requirements of your country or region.

If you are a foreign company and wish to establish yourself in France  for example, you will need to comply with French tax rules.

7. Read reviews and recommendations

Check reviews from other users and ask for recommendations in your professional network.

Feedback can give you valuable insights into the usability and effectiveness of the software.


Well-chosen accounting software can revolutionize the financial management of your business.

So here's the big question.  What software do we recommend at Blendy?

For digital businesses, we highly recommend solutions like Pennylane, QuickBooks or Odoo which offer a range of suitable features. Take the time to compare options to find the one that perfectly suits your needs.

To find out all the possibilities and how to set up a perfectly automated digital ecosystem that brings real added value to your business, ask us  !

With  Blendy , French digital accountant, take advantage of all the advantages of  digital accounting  to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

PennylaneDext ,  QuickBooks and  Stripe  certified , we support digital companies, e-Commerces, IT services, SaaS, in France and internationally .


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