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Odoo the newcomer who was there  before...

Odoo is a suite of open source applications covering all your business needs: CRM, eCommerce, Accounting, Inventory, Point of Sale, Project Management, etc.

Odoo partner Blendy digital accountant

Odoo   is a software suite for  business management which offers a wide range of functionalities to help businesses to manage their daily operations.

It is a modular solution that can be personalized according to the specific needs of each company, SME, digital and eCommerce startup and their manager.

The key features of Odoo

Odoo partner Blendy digital accountant

1- Accounting and finance management

Odoo  obviously offers accounting management tools accounting and  finance to help you track their transactions, establish your budgets and manage your cash flow.

2- Human resources management

In addition,  Odoo  offers management tools. human resources  to manage your teams, as well as tools dedicated to managing salaries, leave and absences.

3- Supply chain management

Odoo  also integrates tools for managing the supply chain to track your stocks, manage your orders and follow your suppliers.

4- Sales and marketing management

Odoo  also includes sales management tools and  marketing to manage your customer portfolio, track their sales and develop marketing campaigns.

5- Production management

Finally,  Odoo  includes management tools production  to plan and monitor your production , including the management of raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Why we recommend Odoo

At  Blendy   we love well-designed software and all-in-one solutions, and Odoo is part of this very restricted club. Odoo's unique positioning is to be both very easy to use and fully integrated.

Its ease of use

The software covers almost all business needs and does so without complicating its use. Their mission: to provide efficient, intuitive software, fully integrated and adapted to the specification of the market. And it's not just a promise...

30 apps in 1 solution

Odoo  has developed more than  30 business applications collected into one  Open Source ERP . This offers a perfectly fluid user experience between their different apps. And to these can be connected all the applications developed by the community  Odoo  (+16000 apps) which can be integrated with the same user experience.

Fluidity and extensive integration thus cover the needs of all companies, even the most complex. In addition, thanks to its open source community, Odoo  is actively maintained by many developers. This makes it possible to adapt the software quickly and offer new innovative applications.

The flexibility of Odoo  is such that apps can be added as your company grows. An application that responds both to the pace of changing needs and the growth of your business.

Blendy  is a partner of  Odoo  and we we support our clients in choosing the best apps to boost their growth and activity. Ask us for advice!

Contact us to find out how we can help you unlock the full potential of Pennylane for your business!

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