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Blendy, expert-comptable digital


A propos

Nous sommes le département 100% digital du groupe Cogesten. Nous proposons aux entreprises en croissance, SaaS, eCommerçants, ESN et PME internationales un accompagnement à plusieurs niveaux : comptable, fiscal, et sur leurs applications métier.

Nous avons été les premiers en France à travailler avec Pennylane, QuickBooks, Libeo, Dext, Whereby et beaucoup d'autres applications d'entreprise.


Nous comptons parmi les pionniers dans l'intégration d'applications et de logiciels SaaS permettant l'automatisation du process finances.

Notre différence

L'attention que nous portons aux outils digitaux


Car utiliser les bons outils et les bons processus de travail, ce n’est pas uniquement générer plus rapidement un bilan comptable. C’est surtout plus de liberté et de visibilité pour le dirigeant et l'entreprise.

En automatisant votre process finances vous rationalisez le temps de traitement des données et gagnez en compréhension sur vos chiffres. En accédant en temps réel à des indicateurs de gestion pertinents, vous accélérez la prise de décisions afin d'avoir toujours une longueur d'avance sur vos concurrents.

Ainsi, vous pouvez enfin vous concentrer sur les sujets qui comptent, quand ils comptent réellement !

Blendy expert-comptable digital, expert Pennylane & Quickbooks
Blendy expert-comptable digital, expert Pennylane & Quickbooks

Nos engagements

Nos engagements sont plus que nos valeurs. Ils façonnent nos prises de décision pour accompagner la stratégie de développement de l'entreprise. Ils nous guident et nous permettent d'aider nos clients à concrétiser leurs ambitions à changer le monde.

Car nos clients sont notre priorité.


Un client Blendy est comme un membre de notre équipe. Nous nous impliquons à ses côtés dans sa stratégie d'entreprise et nous nous employons à faire de sa comptabilité un atout stratégique au service de son succès.

Notre voyage jusqu'ici



Premiers déploiements de la solution QuickBooks auprès des clients français de Cogesten, maison mère de Blendy.



Après 50 ans d’expérience “brick and mortar”, Cogesten crée son département d’expertise comptable 100% digital : Blendy by Cogesten

L'équipe de Blendy expert-comptable digital, expert Pennylane & Quickbooks

Notre équipe

Une équipe au service de votre réussite


Des spécialistes de la comptabilité, de la gestion financière et du digital à vos côtés au quotidien pour transformer vos objectifs de croissance en réalité.

  • Who are we ?
    Blendy is the first and largest digital accounting firm in France certified Pennylane and QuickBooks . ‍ We operate as a finance team for a wide variety of French , European and international companies. All our clients have access to a team of #CoachSuccess specialists who support you whatever the need: accounting management, account keeping, tax declarations , cash flow , payroll management , remuneration of the business manager and any other financial issue . ..
  • What is a Success Coach?
    He is an accounting and business management expert dedicated to your business. It takes care of your digital accounting , monitoring data flows between applications professions that you use as well as the analysis of your financial indicators . A Success Coach ensures Blendy 's accounting excellence . It validates your accounting accounts with you, on a monthly basis, analyzes your financial indicators and indicates potentially impactful points of attention. He also takes the lead on your strategic needs to come during the year (purchase, investment, hiring, etc.) and offers to carry out an audit and/or forecast or any other document you need.
  • How big is your team ?
    We have nearly 150 employees within the Cogesten group and 15 employees within the Blendy digital division . ‍ Blendy is a digital accounting firm for startups, eCommerce and all digital businesses , understanding the importance of up-to-date accounting, to perform well in managing their daily competitiveness. ‍ This means that we have enough experts in our team to effectively support your growth and success projects.
  • Why work with Blendy?
    We have the experience to solve complex operational , tax and accounting problems , and we love helping and sharing our knowledge with entrepreneurs and leaders of digital companies . We put ourselves in your place and serve you as we would like to be served. This means smooth communication , quick responses and quality work . We are generally the accounting firm that companies turn to when they need value-added support because they have grown too quickly or the challenges the company faces have become too complex to their usual contacts.
  • What is your area of intervention?
    We have customers throughout France , including Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, as well as in Canada . Because we are a digital accounting firm , we can carry out accounting and manage your entire finance process , no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a French subsidiary or head office.
  • My company is 100% paper-based for its accounting, can you help me?
    We have an onboarding process proven for our new customers . This allows us to take stock of your existing tools and identify which tools can complement or replace yours. Our team then supports you in setting up, connecting and configuring the various digital tools and applications to ultimately make your accounting and finance process even more efficient.
  • Our certified applications
    We are a certified partner for most of the applications we use, such as Pennylane , Quickbooks , Dext , GoCardless , Payfit , Stripe , Qonto , Libéo ... We are testing the application. We train on it. And we invest time and resources to be certified . For our clients, this is the guarantee of benefiting from cutting-edge expertise !
  • We are among the pioneers!
    Being a pioneer in the digitalization of accounting is like being Indiana Jones in the jungle of applications. Some are digestible and even quite useful, others really indigestible... All our work consists of testing and clearing the ecosystem of applications linked to accounting and FinTech . And this approach has been successful. Five of the applications that we identified and of which we were the first French users, are today essential in the accounting ecosystem in France. These apps are: Pennylane , QuickBooks , Libeo , Dext and GoCardless
  • Applications specially selected for you
    Each application that we select is dedicated to one or more professions . It is only offered to our clients if it makes sense for their business . We have not entered into any commercial agreement with any application. If we offer them to you, it is because they have strong development potential for your business! Our expertise in business applications can significantly increase the ROI of your digital accounting and streamline your internal finance processes .
  • Support from a digital accountant
    An accountant must be reachable and available to his clients. Due to our digital DNA , we obviously favor digital meetings . And we make it a point of honor to increase the number of contact possibilities so that you can reach us as easily as possible. In addition, your Success Coach communicates with you every month to discuss your accounts, your financial indicators and your development issues . And we are always reachable by email and telephone.
  • How long will it take for me to be contacted again?
    Is this your first time contacting us? We process your requests received via our contact form within a maximum of 48 hours. For a live exchange with our co-founder, you can also book an e-meeting in his online calendar. For exchanges with our customers , we are in contact with them by email, video and other digital applications . Processing times for their requests can obviously vary depending on the nature of the request and the stakeholders.
  • How is your support really different?
    L'expérience d'années de demandes clients, alliée aux compétences et aux connaissances de nos collaborateurs, plus pointues les unes que les autres. Tout cela nous permet d'assurer un support opérationnel sur toutes les applications que nous utilisons, ainsi que sur les milliers de questions comptables, fiscales, sociales ou juridiques que vous pouvez avoir ! Et le mieux dans tout ça ? Nous avons créé des procédures pour tout type de cas de figure. Ceci vous garantit rapidité et efficacité dans le traitement opérationnel de vos demandes. Et cela commence dès nos premiers échanges avec un process d'onbording client dédié pour débuter notre collaboration dans leur meilleures conditions.

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